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Wildcat Basketball…back in action!

Submitted by Coach Frizzell

Basketball Season has started back for the Wildcats! The Women’s Basketball Team is starting to move together in one direction! The Cats started the season with a blown 3rd quarter causing a dropped game to Chatham Central at Chatham. The Wildcats had led the entire game and went in at the half with a five possession lead, but the Bears came out with a different energy for most of the 3rd quarter. By the end of the third the lead had slipped away and the Cats trailed for the remainder of the game. Final Score South 38 to Chatham 44.  

All game stats are listed by numeral jersey order. Natalie Soles 2 stl., 5 assist, 8 rebs., 7pts., Hannah Harrison 1 blk., 2 stl., 3 assist, 5 rebs., 14 pts., Anna Smith 9 rebs., 7 pts., Taylor Sura 1 reb., Kayra Hulin 2 stl., 1 assist, 4 rebs., 4 pts., Carmen Duffey 3 blk., 3 stl., 1 assist, 8 rebs., 6 pts., and Whitney Driggers 1 reb.

Chatham made the long drive to Denton this past week and they seemed to have never let up from the Friday night prior. It’s so hard when a team jumps out quick and that’s exactly what the bears did.  They brought the intensity and maintained around a five possession cushion throughout the entire contest. We were proud of the no give up attitude and team play that we witnessed in this game from the Wildcats. As Coaches and  players we all saw something that we could carry with us as a team into the game Friday night. We are 7 Strong!! This team is moving in the right direction and the glimpses we witness now will be second nature by January!  Final South 36 Chatham Central 47.

Natalie Soles 1 blk., 1 stl., 2 assist, 5 rebs., 5pts., Hannah Harrison 5 stl., 1 assist, 1 rebs., 12 pts., Anna Smith 1 blk., 3 stl., 1 assist, 7 rebs., 2 pts., Taylor Sura 1 assist, 3 reb., Kayra Hulin 2 stl., 2 assist, 6 rebs., 7 pts., Carmen Duffey 2 blk., 1 stl., 12 rebs., 10 pts. Recorded Double Double, and Whitney Driggers 1 reb.

In Friday Night’s game vs. Gray Stone Day the Wildcats maintained the lead for the first and second quarter, going into the locker room up by 9 at the half. The ball movement of the third quarter was the true difference in this game. The Cats took note of how important that third quarter start is in setting the early tone for the second half. With great team play the Ladies worked what the defense gave them and just took advantage of it. Carmen Duffey and Anna Smith cleaned up the boards on the inside and Natalie Soles played lockdown defense on their main player, shutting down their offense for the night. Hannah Harrison knocked down the shots available to continue to put Gray Stone away and Kayra Hulin played a solid all-around game with good stats in several categories. Taylor Sura and Whitney Driggers brought good energy and aggression from the bench to contribute to the win!  Great team effort and focus! Final Score South 62-Gray Stone Day 24.

Natalie Soles 2 stl., 1 assist, 2 rebs., 8pts., Hannah Harrison 4 stl., 3 assist, 3 rebs., 31 pts. Led All Game Scores, Anna Smith 1 blk., 2 stl., 14 rebs., 4 pts., Taylor Sura 1 reb., Kayra Hulin 3 stl., 7 rebs., 8 pts., Carmen Duffey 1 blk., 2 assist, 12 rebs., 11 pts. Recorded Double Double, and Whitney Driggers 1 assist, 1 reb.

Next home game vs. North Rowan this Friday. See you all there at 6:00.