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February 28th, 2024


Stray Cat Tests Positive for Rabies in Davidson County

The Davidson County Health Department has received reports confirming a positive rabies case, bringing the total of lab confirmed cases to three (3) in 2024.  Reports given to health department indicate that a Davidson County resident discovered several stray kittens, one on which was injured and needed urgent veterinary care.  The kittens were found in the Fairgrove community of Thomasville.  The injured kitten was transferred into the care of an animal rescue organization who took ownership and sought veterinary care.  Reports state that over the next several days the kitten’s behavior changed and the veterinarian was consulted more than once due to the concerns.  Due to unusual behavior the kitten was quarantined at the vet’s office where neurological symptoms were observed and it was recommended to euthanize the kitten. 


Lab results from the NC State Lab for Public Health indicated that the kitten was positive for rabies.  A thorough investigation was done to identify any direct human exposures to the kitten and all impacted were sent for post-exposure treatment.  

This serves as a reminder to our community to be aware that wild animals are far more likely to transmit the potentially deadly rabies virus, do not engage with wild animals. The rabies virus is 99.9% fatal in humans who do not seek immediate postexposure treatment. If you see a wild animal do not attempt to feed or handle the animal, call Animal Control for assistance. North Carolina state law requires that all animal bites, domestic or wild, be promptly reported to the local health department. If you suspect a domestic animal may have been in contact with a wild or unfamiliar animal, contact a veterinarian for guidance.  The rabies virus is 100% fatal in domestic animals if they have not received the rabies vaccine and kept up-to-date. North Carolina law requires that all domestic cats, dogs, and ferrets receive the rabies vaccine by 4 months of age.  For more information about rabies prevention visit:


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