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April 15th, 2021


South Davidson a School of CHOICE

By Kelly Bledsoe

The past two school years have been unusual to say the least. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced administrators, teachers, students and parents to be creative and adaptable. However, with change comes the opportunity to re-evaluate what was once routine and make positive improvements.

Because South Davidson is a school of choice any student who resides in Davidson County and falls within the Davidson County School District can attend. Students will have to provide their own transportation. This is an amazing opportunity for students to take advantage of the many courses and extra-curricular activities South has to offer.

Homeschool students are also welcome to dual enroll at South. While continuing to homeschool these students can enroll for courses offered at South and participate in extracurricular activities including athletics, music, band, and horticulture to name just a few. Dual enrollment offers homeschool students the opportunity to expand their choice of courses and electives and become part of the Wildcat family!

South Davidson Principal, Kevin Hudson, is excited about the courses offered at South and welcomes the opportunity to talk with any students and parents interested in attending South Davidson. “I hope students will explore all the opportunities here at South. Besides the required English, Math, Science and Social Studies courses we have a wide array of Art Electives as well as an expanding CTE program,” he said. South also offers virtual AP courses as well as college prep course at DCCC in addition to Internships.

Staley Miller, Guidance Counselor at South comments, “There are a lot of exciting new CTE courses being offered here at South. We recently added accounting and sales as well as Technology Engineering and Design with an extension including Robotics and Drafting. We also have a new green house with new Horticulture classes.”

With the expanding course options at South combined with a highly dedicated staff of educators  and one of the finest athletic facilities in the county, South is certainly a good CHOICE!

If you are interested in enrolling at South please contact Kevin Hudson or Staley Miller at 336-242-5700 or email or


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