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February 14, 2018


SDFRC Celebrates 20 Years
Submitted by Kaitlyn Baker
The South Davidson Family Resource Center is celebrating its 20th year! We were officially incorporated as a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization on March 5, 1998. As we look back and reflect on events it seems like the time has passed by like a flash. Our nonprofit has made leaps and bounds of progress since its beginning, 20 years ago! However, we want to make this more than a time of pure nostalgia. We want to make our 20th anniversary a starting point for the future.

We are currently undergoing major renovations of the Griffis Clinic at 292 S. Main St. Denton. This will be the future home our Resource Center. This past year, Doctors Felizardo and Florita Mangundayaos graciously donated this building to our agency. As we celebrate our past, we also look to the future and remain committed to helping the hungry in this community. We endeavor to provide more resources, support, and enhance the quality of life of our clients through our food pantry, clothing closet, and emergency financial assistance. So many are in crisis, struggling to pay their bills and take care of their children and we help them meet needs during these economic hardships. With this new larger location we plan to significantly increase our food distribution, storage, hold classes, fundraisers, meetings, and seek out other new ways to serve the area going forward.

Renovations can often be accomplished for less than the cost of a new building. It just requires careful planning and conscientious effort. Many of the materials, labor, and expenses have been kindly donated. We are striving to maintain the integrity of this historic building while incorporating energy-saving measures and meeting accessibility and fire-code compliance requirements. This renovation project, which began in November 2017, will hopefully be complete by the end of 2018. We really hope to move into our new location during our 20th year.

In celebration of our first 20 successful years we are hosting a big Chicken & Dumplings Dinner on Tuesday, March 13th. This will be held at Central United Methodist Church’s “Hut” at 276 W. 1st St. Denton. The entire community is invited! Please come out and help us celebrate two decades of partnership, promise, and progress. Together with help from our wonderful community we are growing and expanding. There will be delicious food and fun! We realize, every day, that our success is dependent on our contributors and volunteers and we know we are in very good company with people who share our excitement for the future of SDFRC. We are proud of our history and inspired to help more people each year! We encourage you all to become a part of our history too, support us, and become a friend of SDFRC. Proceeds from this fundraising dinner will go towards our renovation project.

As an agency, our most important strength has been our staff, volunteers, and board: people who are passionate about our South Davidson community. We look forward to continued partnerships and progress. Our volunteers and board contribute hours of time, their own money, and efforts to make this agency a success. Many of these folks have been touched by helping others in their own lives and know the importance and value of this work. If you are interested in volunteering or making a donation, please mail donations to PO Box 1197 Denton, NC 27239 or visit our location at 338 W. Salisbury St. Denton, during our operating hours 8:30am-12noon Mon-Wed. All donations are tax deductible. Non-profit organizations wouldn’t be in business without their contributors. We look forward to the next 20 years, filled with unexplored opportunities!

Helping Your Community Solve Crimes
Lexington Area Crime Stoppers is a citizen backed initiative that helps law enforcement solve crime, not just in Lexington but in Southern Davidson County and Denton as well. Crime Stoppers is a community-oriented program that uses law enforcement, the community, and the media to fight crime.

Chief Hicks, and his officers from the Denton Police Department rely on tips from Lexington Crime Stoppers to help solve local cases and he encourages citizens to utilize this agency to help solve local investigations by calling 336-243-2400.

Since 1983, Crime Stoppers has helped in the arrest of approximately 400 people and the clearance of over 350 cases, as well as the recovery of approximately $1 million in stolen property. Tips in cases such as murder, armed robbery, burglary, kidnapping, breaking and entering and motor vehicle theft are among those that have been solved as a result of callers providing information to local law enforcement through the Crime Stoppers tip line.

Lexington Area Crime Stoppers is not a government agency. It is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of volunteer citizens who wish to serve their community by helping solve crime and improve community safety.

If you have information about crime in your community or the whereabouts of a wanted person Crime Stoppers PAYS CASH! Crime Stoppers is the link between you and local law enforcement; so that you can provide information without being identified or live in fear of retaliation. You can call Crime Stoppers 24 hours a day on the unrecorded and untraced phone line of 336-243-2400. There is no need to identify yourself by name, address or phone number. You will be given a numeric code that identifies your call with the information provided. The tip is then sent to the appropriate law enforcement agency or investigation unit for assignment and investigation. The Lexington Crime Stoppers law enforcement coordinator is Lieutenant Shannon Sharpe. He can be reached at 336-243-3303.

The Crime Stoppers coordinator will track the investigation and report to the Board of Directors once a month on tips that have resulted in an arrest, seizure of drugs, recovery of stolen property or otherwise aided in the solving of a criminal case. Based on the information provided, the Board of Directors will establish a reward amount of up to $2,000. Rewards are paid in cash which is delivered to the caller at a location within the city with the caller only identifying themselves by their unique numeric code.

Rewards are funded through donations to Lexington Area Crime Stoppers which is a non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible and help support this very effective tool to assist in solving crime in your community. Donations are made by businesses, civic organizations and concerned citizens who want to help their community. The citizen Crime Stoppers board members often volunteer their time to raise money for this cause and never use the services of professional fund raisers. Crime Stoppers receives no federal or state funding and is totally supported by donations.

Facebook ImageFollow us on Facebook to find information posted by local law enforcement about crime trends, suspects needing to be identified and other solicitations for information needed by law enforcement. You may also want to follow Davidson County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook as well.