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August 5th, 2020


2 Buildings, 2 Schools, 1 Team
United in the Pursuit of Excellence Fairs

By Kelly Bledsoe

South Davidson Middle School and South Davidson High School will now be led by one unified team of administrators. SDHS Principal, Kevin Hudson, has taken over as the principal of both the middle school and the high school. He, along with returning assistant Principal Tracey Everhart, and newcomer to South Jason Lohr, are excited to begin the school year with a strong unified front. With three administrators in the building, each with common expectations, the future of South Davidson has never been brighter.

Hudson came to South last year with a vision of creating a culture that is underlined by the United Pursuit of Excellence. Through perseverance and example he has led his staff to complete belief in this philosophy and now he is excited to bring this same vision to the middle school.

Hudson says, “The focus for the entire South Davidson campus from 6th grade to 12th grade will be on tracking students and their progress, pinpointing their strengths and utilizing strategies that will ensure successful individual growth.”

Hudson further adds that having three administrators on campus will allow them to have more interaction with the students. The three have divided their responsibilities, aligned their goals all with that underlying vision of United Pursuit of Excellence.


Jason Lohr will be working with the sixth graders in the middle school and the 10th graders in high school. Tracey Everhart will oversee the seventh graders in middles school and the 9th grade students in high school. Mr. Hudson will administrate to the 8th grade students in middle and the junior and seniors in high school.

Hudson, Everhart, and Lohr are eager for the upcoming school year and look forward to having students back on campus. Jason Lohr joins the team with 4 years of administration under his belt. Jason is married with three children. His wife Heather is the assistant principal at Fair Grove Elementary. Before starting his education career he served four years in the Marine Corps. He received his undergraduate degree from High Point University with a B.A. in history. He earned his Master’s in Education from UNCT, and his Masters in Administration from UNCG. Before coming to South Jason was an assistant principal with Central Middle School from 2017-2020.

Jason is excited to be at South, and working alongside Hudson and Everhart. He adds, “I am a true believer in servant leadership. I am here to serve the students, parents, teachers, and all stakeholders of the South Davidson Community. I love working with students, watching them excel in all facets of life, socially, emotionally, and academically.”

Hudson is also excited to have Jason on his team noting, “Jason will bring a wealth of knowledge, and leadership to our school and community. His vision algins with mine and Mrs. Everhart’s and we are all three committed to bringing South to new levels of greatness.”

The unifying of the two schools under one administration will further allow the staff to put into place vertical professional learning communities, where the staff can build upon what students have learned in middle school. By tracking what works for students early on teachers and administrators will be able to continue those strategies putting every student on the right curriculum pathway.

Other visions include working on community interest in the school with hopes of new technological and design programs as well as drafting. Bob Poole has joined the staff team and will be working to develop these programs giving new opportunities to our students.  

These are the dreams and visions of Kevin Hudson, Tracey Everhart, and Jason Lohr, and they are committed to making them come true. However, with the current COVID 19 pandemic the immediate focus is on student and staff safety and navigating the ever-changing curriculum schedules and procedures and meeting CDC guidelines. The immediate focus is on orientation week. Students will be attending school August 17-21 for an Orientation Day. This orientation will give the faculty and staff the opportunity to share with students the expectations for the three weeks of remote learning as well as provide Chromebooks to all 9th grade students and any 10-12th grade students who need them.

There will also be a Drive-Thru Orientation Night on Thursday, August 13 from 5:00-7:00pm for parents and students.  Students will receive needed paper work, and will have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding orientation week before starting on August 17. Orientation day is based on your last name; see the below charts for specifics.

Despite the challenges that the current pandemic poses, our South Davidson administration, staff, and faculty have persevered meeting each challenge head on with compassions, integrity and creativity so that our students will continue to reach new heights and continue forward in the United Pursuit of Excellence. Go Wildcats!


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