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Febuary 23rd, 2021


Wildcat football will build on strong relationships
~ and lots of love
By Kelly Bledsoe

Wildcat head coach Tim Hill, is once again preparing the South Davidson Wildcats for the upcoming season. Rather than talking about strategies or the difficulties COVID-19 has caused on every aspect of high school sports, coach Hill would rather talk about love.

Love for the game. Love for the opportunity to play. Love for the community and fans who support the team. But mostly love for the relationships he and his coaches are creating with the team. Despite the lack of practice time, continuous rain, rearranged schedules, face masks with mouth guards, Coach Hill is most proud of his players commitment to the game, their increased discipline, sharp focus, and for choosing to participate despite the great obstacles placed on athletes during this pandemic.
Not a practice goes by that Coach Hill doesn’t tell his players, “ I love you man,” Simple words that pack a punch. For twenty five years Coach Hill has been on the sidelines coaching, encouraging, supporting and teaching decades of athletes. “I love this game,” he says. “And I am honored to be a part of this program. We have good comradery and the players and the coaches share a mutual respect for each other.”Joining him on the sideline are coaches John Shelton, Scott Glidewell, Levi Bruff, and David House. Coach Hill adds, “I brought in coaches who are good people with good hearts who love the game, love working with the young men. It is a team effort and if you bring those people together, you attract players who want to be here, who love competing, love football, and love going to school at South Davidson.”
Because football is a competitive game of course the goal is to win. Coach Hill agrees, “We want to win, but I don’t think talking about winning makes it happen.
It’s all about the process and loving what you’re doing…the wins will come. But in the meantime, we will celebrate the small victories and continue to move the program forward.”

Coach Hill and the other coaches are committed to South Davidson athletics and the future success of Wildcat football is based on a shared desire to infuse stability and new possibility into the existing program, all while also stirring Wildcat pride.

Make no mistake. Winning more than losing, earning respect, performing well every week, capturing the attention of the Denton community and the South Davidson region in general – those things are the desired results of putting love in Wildcat hearts.

So this season as we cheer for our Wildcats let’s also show some love for our coaches. The first game will be this Thursday, February 25 at South Stanly.
Unfortunately fans are not allowed to attend away games under current COVID restrictions. The below 2021 football schedule lists the upcoming games and times.
Please remember when attending home games masks must be worn at all times.
Go Wildcats!


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