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November 27, 2019


100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105…106!
By Kelly Bledsoe

She is a treasured member of the community and on January 25, 2020 Helen Loftin is celebrating an incredible milestone— turning 106 years old!

Though Helen has lived more than a century, she’s done so with a young spirit and exceptional grace. Everyone who knows Helen comments on her ability to think young. In a previous interview Loftin shared a secret to her longevity, “It’s all in your mind, and I’m going to think young as long as I draw a breath of life.”

She laughs a lot and says she has been blessed with God’s good graces. “I don’t think about my age at all, I just live each day,” said Helen. Her family says it’s her great sense of humor that keeps her young. Whatever her secret, Helen Loftin is one amazing woman!

A current resident of Mountain Vista Health Park, Helen is a treasure and friend to all. She continues to bring joy and encouragement to those around her.

For her big day, Helen’s family is asking former students and friends to stop by Mountain Vista and say hello and wish Helen a “Happy Birthday.” She officially turns 106 on Saturday, January 25 and everyone is encouraged to stop by between 1:00 – 4:00pm and celebrate with the birthday girl.

“We are excited and honored to celebrate Helen’s 106th birthday.” Her daughters, Nancy, Linda, and Judy, say, “She is a wonderful and treasured member of our family and this community. At 106, she is still very much on the move and we can’t wait to celebrate this amazing milestone with her.”

The family also asks that everyone visiting sign the register so the family can continue to have conversations with Helen later about her visitors. As you can see from past pictures Helen’s favorite color is Pink!

Happy Birthday, Helen Loftin! Here’s to many more years
Check out the paper to see all of Helen's Birthday pictures!