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October 21st, 2020


Creating Stronger Humans


By Burgundy Bledsoe
Trey Morrison, Denton native, family man, South Davidson little league baseball coach (GO WILDCATS), avid dog lover, and outdoorsman has found his passion which combines two major things, helping people grow and fitness. Morrison is the founder of Morrison Training System which centers around personal training to help clients lose unwanted body fat, get stronger, and improve their overall quality of life outside the gym. While the main focus is on “creating stronger humans” Trey notes that it extends beyond just physical strength.

Morrison began his fitness journey in high school where he played baseball and found himself tied to the structure that was associated with practices and workouts, as well as the time to channel oneself. As high school ended, he found himself with plenty of free time, a lack of physical activity and substantial weight gain, he also had lost his outlet of choice, baseball. Trey began working out and becoming more focused on his own fitness journey. After losing 58lbs, he saw the impact that his new pastime had, not only on his physical well-being but also on his mental health. “The gym saved me from the direction my life was going,” stated Trey. While Morrison had a strong commitment to his time in the gym, he noted that some of his weight loss was done in an unhealthy way and was very extreme. Morrison realized there was a healthier more substantiable way to maintain his current fitness level. In an effort to continue his fitness progression Try studied nutrition and other healthier methods to become stronger. It was at this point that Trey truly understood just how important fitness was to one’s overall wellness and the impact he could make by sharing not only his journey but helping others on theirs. With this in mind, Morrison Training System was born.

Morrison saw first-hand the impact that fitness had on himself and sharing that with others only seemed logical. With the knowledge he had gained from his own journey, as well as the perseverance to grow and learn more, Trey embarked on his journey of personal training. Morrison Training System uses in-person and online systems to help each and every client realize their potential and achieve their goals. Trey noted that he believes that the journey of personal training for his clients and himself is much more than the physical attributes, it is about teaching people how to live healthy lives and progression within. “Strength to me is always searching for progression,” stated Morrison. This belief and focus in his practice is where he coined the statement “creating stronger humans.” Trey made mention that while his goal as a trainer is to help clients achieve their own personal physical goals, he hopes to help each and every person become not only physically stronger but stronger in all aspects of their life.

Brook Strother, a client of Morrison’s, was beyond excited to share a few words about Trey and how she was helped. Strother shared, “Trey has been a huge inspiration these last few months. He is the definition of a Coach and a friend. He works every day to better himself and speaks with his mentors weekly to see how he can always improve, not only in the gym but also in the community. He has some great ideas that will be exciting for the Town of Denton and I can’t wait to see this process grow. I stand behind him 100% of the way. If you ever wanted to work on your health, Trey isthe person to see. He will tell you, just like he told me, “You just have to take the first step, whether it be changing something small in your diet or stepping into the gym for the first time.” Strother defined Morrison and his outlook on health precisely, as Morrison is a true believer that even the smallest of a step is a step worth taking and one that should be celebrated.
Morrison noted that one of the major aspects that defines himself and his way of training is meeting clients where they’re at. He believes in the importance of tailoring each and every workout to the client, who is putting in the work and making the changes to accomplish their goal.

Wyatt Suggs, another client of Morrison Training System, shared in the excitement of his accomplishment and how much he credits his success to the help of Trey. Suggs completed a 5k over the weekend, under his goal time, with Morrison running alongside Suggs in support. Wyatt shared, “In mid-May it started with a simple look in the mirror. I could barely even recognize myself, not only with my physical appearance, but also my mental state as-well. I knew I was too young to be this unhealthy. I was scrolling on Facebook one day and kept seeing Inspiring Posts from Trey Morrison about general fitness and health. I reached out to him and inquired about personal training help. That has been one of the best decisions in my life. It has truly turned my life around in many more ways than one. I remember my first workout where I couldn’t even do simple movements without throwing up, but you have to start somewhere! Trey put together a personal training block to fit my schedule and my physical needs, and pointed me in the right direction about my nutrition. Four weeks later the weight was beginning to fall off and I was feeling confident. Trey asked me ‘Wyatt we need a goal man- Go home and think it over and at our next session we will talk about it.’ I thought about it and decided to run a 5k. I have never ran anything over a mile and that was in middle school, when it was required. Trey said that is perfect. My goal was to run one under 30 minutes. Trey designed me an 8-week program with the 5k as the focal point. Training was hard. When I started I couldn’t even jog for 2 minutes. Sometimes I worked late and would have to do my runs at 10pm or sometimes I would have to run in a thunderstorm. I knew the goal I set was hard, but also achievable with a little grit and determination. Trey and I both signed up for a 5k That was to take place in Greensboro, but due to Covid it unfortunately got cancelled. So, we decided to run it independently in our beautiful home town! I want to thank my wife, my family and my friends for continued support and the celebration at the end of the race. I look forward to living a healthy life. I owe a lot to the best coach, Trey Morrison at the Strength Compound for giving me the tools to be successful.”

Suggs’s wife, McKenzie who also trains with Trey shared a few comments as well. “I started my healthy lifestyle transformation with Trey Morrison on July 13th. It was just about a month after my husband, Wyatt, had started his training with Trey. I found my motivation through Wyatt and seeing how it had changed him physically, mentally and emotionally for the better. I knew taking this step for my overall health was a must. Although this is a long journey I am on, I know having Trey as my coach he can push me and give me all of the tools needed to be successful,” stated Suggs.

The major difference in Morrison and other trainers is that he takes training a step further than just the hour or two committed to being in the gym; he checks in often to simply see how you are doing and what he can help you with to get closer to your goals, supports you physically and mentally, and shows up for you in any way he possibly can.

Morrison Training System offers one on one training at his private strength compound, as well as custom online workout schedules that can be tailored to your exact needs and goals. The best place to start is by simply reaching out to Morrison and from there, he will work with you to help accomplish every fitness goal you may have.

Morrison hopes in the upcoming year to continue to grow his business which will hopefully consist of expansion of his compound as well as adding group training sessions and classes, taking on more clients, and getting the mantra of “creating stronger humans” out into the community more. I will leave you with what Trey shared on his social media a few weeks back… “Exercise is much more then surface level outcomes. It’s not only about losing body fat, getting strong, adding muscle etc. Anytime I’m faced with some tough decisions I need to make; exercise is there to guide me. Whether that be running, lifting weights, hiking, or any other form. The gyms motto “creating stronger humans” just simply means chasing down goals in the gym will help you chase down goals in life. I want everyone to experience the positive benefits from exercise as I do and a lot of others do as well. No matter where you’re at in life I truly feel some good direct training will be nothing but a positive influence.”

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