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Statement on Unanimous Ruling from Bipartisan Court Validating NC Redistricting Maps

A bipartisan panel of judges today issued a unanimous ruling validating North Carolina’s redistricting maps.

Sen. Warren Daniel, who co-chairs the Senate Redistricting Committee, said, “Now that a bipartisan court unanimously validated the maps, the people of our state should be able to move on with the 2022 electoral process.
But the sue-‘til-blue” organizations and their lawyers will probably appeal to the conflict-riddled state Supreme Court because its 4-3 Democratic majority was won with the help of a six-figure donation from the very organization funding this case.
Eric Holder’s organization donated $250,000 to elect Justice Anita Earls, who has not yet recused herself even though this case is funded by that same organization — her largest campaign backer.
And another justice, Sam Ervin, is on the ballot but hasn’t recused himself even though this case will decide the rules and timeline governing his own reelection