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Back in the Day
Alleghany Township
Submitted by Barbara Hogan

Located across Southern Davidson County from Yadkin River to the Randolph County line is Alleghany Township. It is home to the beautiful landscape of Bald Mountain, Bald Mountain Ridge, High Tower Mountain, Skinner’s Mountain, Alleghany and Rich Mountain. There are roads that run through this beautiful quiet township Highway 109, Highway 49, and Number 8 crosses near the center.

Some 60 years ago the western part of the township was much busier than it is today, because Winston Salem Southbound Railway came right down the river in its way from Winston Salem by Lexington to Wadesboro and created a number of changes. The town of Newsom was started then.
Southbound bought fields from A.L. Newsome and Elisha Reeves. A depot was built and a post office was established.
There was a barbershop, stores sprang up, Badgett and Lowe’s Mercantile store where one could buy dry goods, hardware, buggies, wagons, farm machinery, etc. The General Store was owned by TB Stokes, other businesses included Stokes &Walker, CW Stokes and Arey Brothers. Cw & JF Stokes had the first lumber plant then sold it to H. Val Badgett who in 1921 sold it to Stoney Lumber Plant. The company made crates and boxes. Crott’s Brothers had a broom factory and JW Newsome a cabinet shop. The Old Bald Mountain wheat and corn mill , said to be 100 years old, was moved to Newsome and became the Newsome Milling Company. The Reeves Island Ferry ran across the Yadkin to Rowan County. The ferry ran on schedule from Newsome in to Rowan County where travel was made a little easier to move goods and travelers back and forth.