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News from the Office of Senator Steve Jarvis

Dear Friends,
I am excited to share with you this legislative update. This week has been very busy due to the upcoming legislative crossover with many bills going through the committee process. It has been great to meet with many advocacy groups across the state as the legislature returns to a sense of normalcy. This week the Senate passed the “No Patient Left Alone Act” and a Trio of Pro-Consumer Health Care Reforms.
Senate Bill 405 the “Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” passed the Senate Health Care committee this week. I look forward to watching the progress of this bill and voting for this common sense reform to help our most vulnerable citizens.
I also had the privilege of attending the NC Capital National Day of Prayer and NC Firefighters Association Advocacy Day. Next week is the crossover deadline on May 13th and will be one of the busiest weeks in the Senate. Thank you as well to our numerous constituents who call, email and write our office to let us know where they stand, it is an honor to continue to fight for you.
Senator Steve Jarvis