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Dear Friends,
Hello! This week is National Random Acts of Kindness. In a world that seems to be divided more than ever these days, this is a great time to show your best side to others. Perhaps you can buy a coffee for someone behind you or pay for the letter they are mailing at the post office. Even acts that don’t involve money can be deeply appreciated!

Interim committees will be busy next week. I am looking forward to speaking with my fellow lawmakers in our Joint Oversight Committee on General Government next Tuesday. It should be very informative and I will share any actions we discuss in next week’s newsletter.

In a new section pertaining to voting law changes, I describe the role of Poll Observers during the upcoming elections. You may see more of these workers while you are casting your votes.

A House subcommittee met recently to discuss how to manage the sales of a harmful product that has been deemed dangerous by the FDA. This supplement is also called “Gas Station Heroin” and should be avoided.

Two cities in our district will benefit from NC Rural Infrastructure Grant funds. Lexington and Thomasville will receive money to help support new businesses that are growing in our area. I look forward to watching them succeed!

Davidson County needs your help and their Job Fair is coming up on Feb. 29th. The county is especially in need of income maintenance workers and social workers.

The wonderful magazine that features the best of NC, Our State, has a beautiful cover of our area’s food specialty. Grab a copy and read more about the history of Lexington’s fabulous barbecue.

Our Day Trip from the district showcases Seagrove Pottery. The town of Seagrove is located in Randolph County and is an easy drive from our location. The craftsmanship and artistry in clay that can be found here is unmatched. 

If you have concerns, or questions, you can reply to this newsletter, email, or call my office at
(919) 733-5743.

I also take time each day to personally call citizens in our district to listen to their concerns. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you!