Serving Denton, NC & Surrounding Communities


Thank you so much, Davidson County! My campaign team and I would like to thank all of the citizens of Davidson County who voted in the primary to elect me as the Republican nomination to be your next High Sheriff. While we have no opponent in the November general election, we do not officially take office until early December after the November election results are tallied.

As pledged, your Sheriff’s Office is going to be tough on the bad while we work for the good. We are going to bring real community policing back to Davidson County. We are going to modernize our Sheriff’s Office to take advantage of the best practices and latest technology to fight crime. 

We are going to target, track, and arrest those distributing drugs in our county. We are going to educate our citizens about the harmful effects of both legal and illegal drugs. And, we want to give those already addicted a realistic chance at rehabilitation.

You are going to see your Sheriff’s Office, talk with your Sheriff’s Office, and team with your Sheriff’s Office as we proactively protect and serve our communities. We want to unify our citizens so that we all work together to make Davidson County a better and safer place to live.

We have numerous transition tasks ahead of us as we finalize the intricate details of the changes that you so clearly voted for.  We must make it our top priority between now and December to focus primarily on these details to allow us to hit the ground running immediately after being sworn in.

While we absolutely want to hear your concerns, please understand that we do not yet have the authority of the office. We encourage all employees of the Sheriff’s Office to continue to work diligently to support Sheriff Grice. When we take office, we look forward to meeting with citizen groups to discuss ideas to help us better serve you.

We look forward to working with and for the great citizens of our county. Thank you again and God bless Davidson County!
-Richie Simmons