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Getting your yard ready for winter
Extension Update

Kira Chaloupka
As we wait for fall to wrap into winter, there are some tasks in your yard and garden to keep you busy.

•Apply fertilizer to cool-season grasses only, such as tall fescue
•Mow fescue lawns at 3-4” high
•Do not fertilizer bermudagrass or zoysiagrass (warm-season grasses)
•Mulch in or compost fallen leaves to allow for optimum turfgrass growth
Trees & Shrubs:
•Check trees and shrubs for damage and prune out any dead or diseased wood
•Plant trees and shrubs now to obtain strong root growth through the winter – dig hole twice as wide as the rootball and equal in depth as the container it was grown in
•Mulch around trees and landscape beds with pine straw, chips or bark. Layer mulch no more than 3” deep and keep away from base of plants
•Do not heavily prune trees or shrubs at this time
•Remove dead foliage from perennial plants
•Leave flower heads with seeds for wildlife attraction
•Plant spring bulbs before ground freezes
•Winterize and clean lawn and garden equipment
•Submit a soil sample for recommendations on applying lime and fertilizer

For additional information or assistance with your lawn and garden questions, contact the Cooperative Extension Office at 336-242-2080 or drop by at 301 East Center Street, Lexington, NC 27292.