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Polling Place Information ~ Find My Precinct Number

With the General Elections just around the corner it is imperative that you know where you should vote. Here in Denton there are several sites. The Denton Fire Department, Healing Springs Fire Department, and South Davidson High School. Voters should vote at their regular voting site. Not sure of your precinct number and can’t find your voter card?  Now it’s easier than ever to find out where you vote on Election Day!

    1.  Click this link to bring up the Precinct Locator System
    2.  Key in your residential street address, City State and Zipcode in the fields
    3.  Click on Search
    4.  Your Election Day Polling Place Information, local Board of Elections Office
         and Sample Ballot links are displayed

The system will perform a match of your address with the list of polling locations based upon the information you entered.  The returned match will display your precinct number to the right of your zip code.

Already know your precinct name and/or number but need to know where your polling place is located?  Find your Davidson County Polling Place Location and view a map of the general area:

Click here to view our Polling Place Locations.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to vote or your polling place location, please contact the Davidson County Board of Elections office at 336-242-2190.