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Outstanding Apple Cobbler Bake
Time: 2 hours 10 minutes
Yield: 6 servings
What makes Outstanding Apple Cobbler Bake outstanding? Well, it’s gotta be the biscuits, right? Flaky, buttery, tender biscuits that completely rewrite the rules about what a cobbler topping should be! On second thought, it might actually be the jammy, fruity, apple filling with just the right amount of cinnamon flavor and sweetness. But really, it’s both things coming together that makes Outstanding Apple Cobbler Bake so... well, outstanding!
6 tablespoons butter, divided, plus 1/2 cup cold butter, cut into small cubes, plus more, to taste, for greasing the baking dish
2-3 large Granny Smith apples, peeled, cut into 1/2-inch-thick wedges
2-3 large Braeburn apples, peeled, cut into 1/2-inch-thick wedges
1 1/4 cups packed light brown sugar
4 tablespoons all-purpose flour, plus more, to taste, for dusting a work surface
1 teaspoon lemon zest
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups self-rising soft wheat flour
3 tablespoons granulated sugar, divided
3/4-1 cup heavy cream, cold, divided
vanilla ice cream, optional, to taste, for serving
Step 1 -Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.
Step 2 -Lightly grease an 8-inch square baking dish with the extra butter.
Step 3 -In a large bowl, add the Granny Smith apples, the Braeburn apples, the brown sugar, and 4 tablespoons of the all-purpose flour and toss until the apples are well-coated.
Step 4 -In a large skillet over medium-high heat, melt 4 tablespoons of the butter.
Step 5 -Add the coated apples to the skillet and cook, stirring often, until the apples are tender and the syrup thickens, about 20-25 minutes.
Step 6 -Transfer the apples from the heat and add the lemon zest, the lemon juice, the cinnamon, and the salt, stirring to combine.
Step 7 -Spoon the apple mixture into the prepared baking dish.
Step 8 -Bake the apples, placing a baking sheet under the baking dish to catch any drippings, for 15 minutes.
Step 9 -Transfer the apples from the oven and set them aside.
Step 10 -In a large bowl, add the self-rising flour and 2 tablespoons of the granulated sugar and stir together.
Step 11 -Add 1/2 cup of the cold butter cubes into the self-rising flour mixture and cut with a pastry blender, until the mixture crumbles and resembles small peas.
Step 12 -Place the flour-butter mixture into the freezer until firmed up, about 10 minutes.
Step 13 -Make a well in the center of the flour mixture and add 3/4 cup of the cream to the well, stirring just until the dough comes together. Add the remaining cream as needed, 1 tablespoon at a time, to make sure the dough comes together.
Step 14 -Using the extra all-purpose flour, lightly dust a work surface.
Step 15 -Turn the dough out onto the prepared work surface, and knead lightly 3-4 times.
Step 16 -Roll or pat the dough to 3/4-1-inch thickness and cut it with a 2 1/2-inch round cutter to make as many circles as possible.
Step 17 -Reroll the remaining dough and repeat the rolling and cutting process until 9 biscuits are made.
Step 18 -Place the biscuits on top of the hot apple mixture in the baking dish.
Step 19 -Melt the remaining butter and brush it over the biscuits.
Step 20 -Sprinkle the biscuits with the remaining granulated sugar.
Step 21 -Return the baking dish to the oven and bake until the biscuits are golden and firm, about 15-17 minutes.
Step 22 -Transfer the bake from the oven and let cool, about 30 minutes.
Step 23 -Serve, topped with the ice cream.