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Mountain Vista Health Park & Rehabilitation Center Celebrates 40 Years of Service
Cindy Myers a constant fixture for 40 Years
By Kelly Bledsoe

Recently Mountain Vista Health Park and Rehabilitation Center celebrated 40 years of loving service to Southern Davidson County, and Cindy Myers was recognized for her 40 years of service as a “True Social Worker” for the facility. It is ironic that March is also Social Worker Month and what an appropriate time to highlight Mountain Vista and Mrs. Myers. Myers says it is hard to believe that forty years have passed. She began her career just out of college. She got married, raised her family and shared an abundance of laughter and tears with so many families throughout the years.

Cynthia Montgomery, Director of Transitional Services had this to say about Myers, “Cindy ~ a true Social Worker, helping others enhance their individual well-being and handle everyday life problems. She is a constant fixture at Mountain Vista Health Park and has been at her post for the past 40 years! She literally came with the building. I met Cindy when I worked as a CNA back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. She always had and continues to have an open-door policy and seems to make the Social Work profession seem effortless, however Social Work is far from easy.”

Cindy Myers daily duties are mostly found in the job description, “…and anything else specified by the facility management.” Her day may consist of helping a resident locate missing hearing aids, dentures, repairing eye glasses, setting up transportation, settling roommate disputes -which she coined the phrase, “That’s why God put wheels on the bed, so we can make a room change again and again if needed, to find that perfect match.”

Myers spends a lot of her time meeting with families to discuss needs, solve issues, comfort and provide hugs when needed most. She attends the funeral or visitation of almost every resident who has passed away to represent Mountain Vista Health park and to provide support.

The job of a Social Worker in a Long Term Care Facility is so much more than paperwork, which there are piles of; but being flexible enough to drop everything at a moment’s notice and step into the role that’s needed to take care of any crisis a resident or family member may be experiencing is what Myer’s does best. She tirelessly cares for the residents of Mountain Vista and goes out of her way to protect their rights. Forty years of dedication…truly Remarkable!
Myers considers Mountain Vista her second family. “I’ve spent my whole life here. The community and all the volunteers have created a happy atmosphere for our residents. We have always had tremendous support from day one. Although there have been challenges, the rewards have far outweighed them…I love what I do.”

Since 1980 Mountain Vista Health Park has welcomed residents and families creating an atypical nursing home atmosphere. Residents enjoy a vast variety of activities, thoughtful and creative meals, engaging social events, local participation from schools, and civic groups, and an openness that makes one feel like family.

“Denton is unique among North Carolina towns in having a non-profit skilled nursing and assisted living facility owned and managed by a volunteer board of community members, where local residents are given preference in admission to the facility.” says current Administrator, Priscilla Vint.

Throughout the years the facility continues to provided top ranked care but it’s more than that. Mountain Vista is truly a home where love makes the days more meaningful for all the patients and staff. Mountain Vista has a long tradition of caring and each of the employees are truly one of a kind. Jobs are not just paychecks and an exceptional amount of pride is taken by each staff member making such a difference in long term health care.

From hosting special dinners, to fall festivals, Christmas programs, proms, Easter Services, family nights, while embracing volunteers and local schools Mountain Vista sets the mark high and looks ahead to continuing to provide the best care possible in the health care industry.

For example, in 2017 Mountain Vista Health Park opened an addition to care for patients who need short stays to recuperate after a hospital admission or surgery. This addition has allowed many more community members to receive care at Mountain Vista. The response from these patients has been overwhelmingly positive.

What began in 1970 as a vision is just short of remarkable. Looking back over the years there have been many trials and tribulations, along with many fond memories and lessons learned. Mountain Vista looks forward to the future with confidence, determination, and dedication. It takes dedicated caring people to work in this field taking care of our elderly who so deserve the best.

Thank you, Cindy Myers and Mountain Vista Health Park.